i have some new things i’ve been working on, and in preparation for that i’ve been getting my website in order. i’m thinking i’ll keep as much as i can at that one address: archive, links, blog, and anything else.
the downside is this tumblr will slip quietly back into retirement.
maybe i’ll find some use for it in the future.
for now though it’s goodbye.




Zach Brown sent me this when he heard I left college.

Islands by Xmas

Title: Hit The Ground Running Artist: Smog 0 plays

Not goodbye, it’s hello some place else.


Hello, everyone, anyone who’ll read this, I’ve decided to retire this tumblr. 


EDIT: I’ve decided to keep this blog going, as a blog of recent art and stuff. 
Eventually most things will be archived on my lazy website (if that link doesn’t work use this one - i’m somehow not paying for it and it’s still working… don’t know how long that’ll last). For now though, I’ll post everything here as close as i can to when it happens.

Today I finished a short comic booklet based on a pome and song by Adel Bengo. We’ve been talking about this for three months so I’m excited it’s finally done. Going to fix my taillights and then drive to office max to print some.


sean in orlando
let’s sneak onto downtown building rooftops

yes let’s

here’s a song from a split i made with Noah Eagle and Hay Fever from Greenville, SC

Listen to the whole thing here: http://secrettreehouse.bandcamp.com/album/woods-of-despair-3-way-split

i had an art show with brandon kennedy Dec 29th
most of the bigger pieces i made a few days before the show

(tiny photo by adel bengo)



Extraordinarily High Quality Amazing/Dog Cop, by Partydog

a rebloggable dog cop so ill reblog cop